AI SaaS Brand (Light)


Website designed in Figma & Developed in Framer, Pitch Deck, Client Onboarding Doc, Letter Head, Business Card, Social Media Covers, Brand Guide

Tools used

kit features

  • Light Theme

  • Minimal Design

  • 100% Customizable

  • Just Change Content

  • Professionally Designed

About this kit

This kit is designed for startups or individuals looking to launch or refresh their brand with a sleek, professional minimal look. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to establish your brand's presence.


Design Features

  • Designed in Figma

  • Autolayout

  • Text styles/Color styles

  • Easy Customization

  • Modern & Clean design

Framer Features

  • 100% Responsive

  • 3 Break Points (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

  • 3 CMS Collections (Blog, Customer stories & Change log)

Full Launch Website Pages

Home, About, Pricing, Features, Change log (CMS), Blog (CMS)(Index), Blog (CMS)(Detail Page), Career,
Testimonials, Customer stories(CMS)(Index), Customer stories(CMS)(Detail Page), Contact us, Talk to sales, Terms, Privacy policy, 404

Websites Preview


The pitch deck includes 17 clear and effective slides that cover everything from your mission to your financials. Each slide is designed for easy customization, helping you tell your startup’s story simply and effectively.

Included Slides

  1. Cover: First impression counts.

  2. Mission Statement: What drives your company.

  3. Problem: The issue you’re solving.

  4. Solution: How you solve it.

  5. How Synth is Different: What sets you apart.

  6. Product Overview 1: Key features and benefits.

  7. Product Overview 2: Key features and benefits.

  8. Why Now: The timing of your market entry.

  9. Market Opportunity: Your industry’s potential.

  10. Competitors: Who they are and what you do better.

  11. Competitive Advantage: Your edge.

  12. Roadmap: Your plans for the future.

  13. Business Model: How you make money.

  14. Team: The people behind the project.

  15. Financials: Your numbers.

  16. Ask: What you need from investors.

  17. Thank You: Ending on a positive note.

Client onboarding Doc

Start your partnership right with the onboarding document. Designed to guide them through every step of integrating your product, this document includes everything from introductory information to detailed steps and resources.

Included Slides

  1. Cover: A welcoming first view.

  2. Meet Your Partners: Introductions to the team members they'll be working with.

  3. Docs: Overview of all necessary documentation.

  4. Step-by-Step Guide: Detailed instructions from start to finish.

    • Step 1: Initial setup

    • Step 2 and beyond: Follow-up actions and procedures

  5. All Resources: Links and references to all support materials.

  6. Product Offering: Details on what you provide and how it benefits them.

  7. End Cover: Contact information.

Letter Head

Business card

Social media covers

Designed to ensure your profiles look cohesive and professional across all platforms.

What's Included

  1. Profile Pic Placeholder

  2. Twitter (X) Cover

  3. Linkedin Cover

  4. Social Image

  5. Fav Icon Placeholder


The brand guide gives you all the essentials to maintain your brand’s integrity.

Key features

  1. Color Palette

  2. Responsive Typescale

  3. Type Pairing Rules

  4. Iconography

  5. Website Guide

  6. Do's and Don'ts

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